Hunt Packages

Hunt StyleDurationCost (2x1 Guide)
Archery Velvet Whitetail8 Day Hunt(10 Day Package)$3,800.00 USD+ $500.00 License
Archery Whitetail8 Day Hunt(10 Day Package)$3,800.00 USD+ $500.00 USD License
Archery Moose/Wolf9 Day Hunt(11 Day Package)$4,950.00 USD+ $500.00 USD License
Rifle Whitetail/Wolf8 Day Hunt(10 Day Package)$5,000.00 USD+ $500.00 USD License
Rifle Whitetail/WolfA.K.A., "The Epic"16 Day Hunt(18 Day package)$7,500.00 USD+ $500.00 USD License

Additional Species available upon request.

Call for reference list

Hunt Packages Include

All transportation to and from hotel, guide (2x1) for the duration of your hunt, all meals (excluding personal preference items, ie: alcohol, etc), lodging at our full amenity lodge.

All trophy care, and proper shipping documents and packing, With the exception of wolves harvested, a CITES permit is required and trophy must be shipped, by our expediter, at a later date with the CITES permit.

Not Included

Cost of hotel arrangements upon arrival and departure from Edmonton, AB. A room will be booked for you but you will be responsible for the cost. Also not included are flights, taxidermy, and gratuities.

More Information

Would you like to learn more about our packages and pricing? Want help planning your very own Alberta hunting trip? Give us a call or contact us at your convenience, we'd love to help!

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