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Rogue Ventures is a ``hands on`` outfitter, there is no ``farming out``. We do it all to ensure you have the best opportunity in your rifle or archery hunts.

As professional Alberta hunting outfitters, we are known for having a keen sense for deer and a dedication to our hunters’ success. We are also known for our consistency in the outfitting business and most of our clients are returning hunters. My team and I will give you 100 % but also expect 100 % from you, the hunter! Prepare yourself for an unforgettable Alberta hunting experience!


alberta canada wolf hunt Rogue Ventures
Bruce Eller – Wolf Hunt

Tyler is one of the best people you will ever meet above and beyond being a guide service. Their dedication and commitment to giving you the best experience they can shows in the off season scouting knowledge of the area.

Archery whitetail deer hunt
Clark Hutchinson – Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt

For a person that lives and breathes whitetail deer, I couldn’t have asked for anything more than the experience I had with Tyler and the Rogue Team!

Rogue Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt
Pete Oakes – Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt

Dedication, reliability, results driven, and a desire to see his hunters succeed. That is why I hunt with Rogue. Jill, Tyler and their guides are unmatched, hands down!

Whitetail Deer Hunts Alberta
Bill Gregory – Whitetail Deer Hunt

The Old Warrior, buck number 1 out of 5. What a buck and what an adventure. I knew I would be back for more!

Rogue Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Jim Snively – Whitetail Deer Hunt

Tyler wants you to harvest a “Big Buck” more than you do!! When I am hunting with Tyler, I know that I am in an area that a monster could step out at any time. Tyler’s place is my hunting camp! I have no desire to hunt anywhere else!!

Moose Hunting with Rogue in Alberta
Kipp Magnussen – Moose Bowhunt

Tyler and his guides are some of the hardest working guides I know. He genuinely cares about his hunters’ experience. Their knowledge of the area; c‎lose attention to detail; and persistence helps create good opportunities for their hunters. Thanks Tyler, for an awesome experience. Rogue Ventures rocks! I definitely plan to return for many years to come.

Whitetail Rut Hunt with Rogue Hunting Outfitters
Greg Losacco – Whitetail Deer Rut Hunt

I have hunted whitetail deer with Tyler Shyry for over 12 years. I can attest that he is among the best in the business. He knows the country, he knows whitetail bucks, and he knows how to hunt them. He spends countless hours scouting and patterning the deer movement in his area. As you walk out to your stand in that brisk Canadian air, you can rest assured that a lot of thought and care went into placing your stand in just that exact location. Bottom line, Tyler will work hard and go the extra mile to make sure your hunt is enjoyable and successful. And I should know, I have a wall full of monster Alberta bucks to prove it!
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