Our Moose Bow hunts offer the hunter an excellent chance for success


We recognize the value of a potential once in a lifetime hunting experience and as a result have strategically designed this moose hunting experience to satisfy the patience and persistence of a genuine HUNTER!

Our archery moose hunts take place at the end of September and beginning of October as the seasons change and the fall colors emerge. This is the peak time when bull moose consistently respond to the call. This time of year has proven to be the time when there is the greatest opportunity for archers to have up close and personal experiences with 1200 pound trophy moose. The crisp, cool Alberta mornings will echo the call making for a truly ultimate archery moose hunt.

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We choose the best hunt locations based on scouting bucks throughout the summer, knowledge of the area; their bedding areas and food sources. This area is all forest land, and has excellent moose habitat. The moose area is approximately a 30 minute drive from the lodge and is mostly conducted on foot with calling sessions in the morning and afternoon.


One of the most exciting thrills as an archery hunter is when a bull moose comes crashing in to investigate the call. Shot distances of 7 to 40 yards can be expected. After a long, hard day of hunting you will come back to a home-cooked meal, hot shower and comfortable bed.

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My guides and I will give you 100 %! My dedication to hunters’ success is why most of our clients are returning hunters. We recognize the value of this potentially once in a lifetime whitetail deer bowhunting adventure.


We are very experienced and dedicated to ensuring that your hunting experience is successful, memorable, and enjoyable


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