Early season archery whitetail deer hunts offer the hunter an excellent chance for success


The hot summer days are coming to an end and the bucks are still in their bachelor groups and travel from bedding areas to feeding areas. The early season bow hunts are very successful due to hard spring scouting and summer long surveillance in anticipation of hunter arrival. Archery hunts are mostly conducted on private land with limited use of public land, hovering on the fringe area near the lodge.

There are 13 1/2 hours of daylight in Alberta at this time of year which allows us to hunt twice a day. We hunt whitetails in the morning and evening with a break in the mid day for lunch and a “siesta.” We have approximately 50 stand locations with new expansion every year so we don’t over hunt stand sites. Stands are located on travel routes to bedding areas for morning hunting and adjacent to feeding areas for evening hunts. Each hunter will get a “fresh” stand for the duration of their morning set. Evening hunts are usually conducted along field edges or funnel points leading to food sources.

We choose the best hunt locations based on scouting bucks throughout the summer, knowledge of the area; their bedding areas and food sources. We only take 4 hunters per hunt to keep our hunts focused on your success. Success usually depends a good deal on the individual hunter’s dedication and effort. Good preparation on our part, plus good shooting and hard work are all essential for big trophies.

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